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4 Ways to Improve your Client Experience

How you connect with your clients is everything! Here is how you can improve your client experience.

Client experience should be one of your top priorities – especially in a what some might call “saturated market” today 

Having a solid Client Experience + Connection will grow your business more than anything, no matter what state you are at in your business. It will help create loving + raving clients who will be free walking marketing for you. The more you can serve them the better! Here are 4 ways to improve your client experience.

1. Perfect your workflow

The better you know your entire process, the quicker you can get things done, and the clearer you can communicate that with your clients, the better experience you will be giving them, which is ultimately better for your entire business

  • Inquiry process
  • Booking process
  • After they’ve booked
  • During the project planning
  • After the project is finished

Think of how you are on-boarding your clients and also off-boarding your clients. A lot of people forget about the off-boarding process and I personally believe that is more important because you are leaving a lasting impression on them.
For example: delivering photos, or at the end of a wedding day

The biggest life-savor in perfecting my workflow was incorporating automation into my workflow. For example, Honeybook has made it SO easy for me to create a seamless workflow for myself and my clients so that I can easily guide them through their experience with me without having to sit down and do the work every time.


If you do not use Honeybook, you absolutely need to try it out!!! Here is a code for 50% your first year! You will not regret it.

2. Anticipate your Client’s needs

You want to make sure you are answering all of your client’s questions before they have to ask you. Not only does this save you time on your end, but it makes you seem like an experienced expert that you’ve done this enough to know to answer those questions.

Learn how you can get into your clients head and anticipate what they are going to want to know. This comes with experience, but it can also come from investing and learning from more experienced photographers as well.

3. Set boundaries

This is important for any business owner, AMIRIGHT?! We have all had those clients that don’t have any boundaries…. But whose fault is that? It’s yours.. As the photographer.

If you didn’t communicate clearly what the communication expectations look like with you in this process, then that is on you because they aren’t going to know what is right or wrong, especially if those boundaries aren’t set from the very start.

They can text me about exciting stuff, and in fact I encourage that because I love it and I love feeling like part of the process, but when it comes to logistics – that is when we need to move over to email or a phone call so that can be documented and doesn’t get looked over in a text message. Because for me personally, if I get a text on a Saturday when I’m out and about or shooting a wedding, I am probably going to forget to write that down so it might get looked over

4. Client Communication

HOW are you communicating these things to your clients? Is it scattered? Is it all organized in one space?
How are you communicating to them during the on-boarding process, during the project, and the off-boarding process, emails, phone calls, social media interaction, texting, etc.

Look at guides, website info, contracts. This all ties into how you are treating them during their session + wedding.

How are you making them feel? How are you guiding and directing them to make them feel comfortable?
This is where it all ties together with how your brand voice is correlating with your true life personality. Because you need to make sure those are matching otherwise they will be confused and that will make them lose trust in the process

This is the importance of BEING YOUR TRUE SELF everywhere you are. On social media, on your website, in person. It all needs to be consistent to build that brand trust

Take this QUIZ to see what your Client Experience type is!

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