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3 Ways to Book More Elopements

Are elopements your thing but just not booking as many as you’d like? It happens! I want to share a few ideas to get more elopements in your calendar and keep doing what you LOVE! So here are 3 ways to book more elopements and start on it today!

1. Have an Optimized Website

How you brand your website and social media can dictate what type of clients you are attracting. What you choose to showcase on your website either attracts or repels the type of client you are wanting to attract. If you are trying to attract clients to book elopements, make sure you are showcasing an elopement portfolio. If you do not have elopement portfolio, here are some quick ways to create it yourself:

  • Book a shoot for yourself if you are traveling to create good and useful content
  • Bring a dress that looks like it could be a wedding dress and grab some florals/greenery from Trader Joe’s for a DIY bouquet. Better yet – connect with a local florist or other vendors in the area to help market/network for yourself
  • Find couples via social media or connections 

Not only should your website be optimized with a portfolio, but it should also be optimized in terms of portfolio, your contact form, and your SEO. Make sure you are using keywords that will attract travel, destination, and elopements.

2. Utilize Your Copyright

The copyright you choose to use anywhere online can make up your entire brand. What does your copyright all include? It can mean all of the content wording on your site, all of your Instagram captions, your Pinterest titles, your blog posts, your emails, etc. These are all being looked at as a brand in its entirety. 

Make sure you are being your true self both online and offline. This way when people meet you in person, they are not thrown off at who you are. They should already feel like they know you. Both your online presence and your in-person presence should match up well. 

If you are trying to book more travel and elopements, make sure your wording reflects that. Especially in the sense of what you like to do. If you are someone who loves destination beach weddings, someone should be able to go on your Instagram feed, Pinterest, or your website and know that immediately just by your messaging, branding, and the photos you showcase. 

3. Use Social Media

Social media is super important when it comes to running your business these days. It goes hand in hand with everything you do, which means it makes a difference in booking more elopements. Take a closer look at what you are posting and what message it sends to potential clients. 

Does it scream destination, travel, elopements? If not, then take a step back and look at what you’re most interested in. Then incorporate that more into your social media presence. For example, if you are posting photos of large venues, big wedding parties, and party buses, chances are that eloping couples will shy away from that. 

Knowing who your ideal audience is and who you are directly speaking to is the best place to start in all of this. 


Here’s my extra tip for you: apply to get featured on elopement blogs! You can submit to blogs who you admire and highlight travel, destination, and elopement weddings. If you end up getting featured, this helps put you in the eyes of potential clients. Often they’re looking at these blogs and searching for locations/photographers!

I submitted my photos of a Colorado elopement to Rocky Mountain Bride and they featured it in their Spring Elopement Guide. Check it out HERE

Once you have your website optimized, be sure your copyright is aligned with your brand, and are using social media the right way, you should start bringing in more of those elopements that you are hoping for!

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