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Business Coach for Photographers: Is it time for one?

Wanting to grow your photography business, but feel stuck on how to do that? Here’s why to hire a business coach for photographers!

Benefits of Hiring a Photography Business Coach

So what is the benefit of hiring a photography business coach? What can it actually do for your business that makes it worth it? Let’s cover that!

1. Expedited Growth over wasted time trying to DIY

Everything takes more time when you try to DIY. So it’s worth it to have something that will help you both have a good ROI and ROT (return on investment and time). And that’s education included! Having a roadmap and education to go off of is just part of what you have working with a business coach. 

You also have someone helping you create an action plan and marketing campaign together. And this makes the biggest difference in whether you see results in 1-2 years or a few months. So it all comes down to, how fast do you want to make your goals happen?

I have students who come into my program with the goal of wanting to go full-time into photography within the next 1-2 years. Then a few months into the program, they make their announcement that they are quitting their job and going full-time into their business!

It’s so fun to see that growth happen fast for the ones who invest and go all in on themselves!

2. Bridge the gaps you don’t even know you have

Whether it be a knowledge gap, a clarity gap, consistency gap, etc., I as a photography business coach help take you from one side to the other by closing those gaps for you. I’m here to step in and help with those areas in your business where you just feel stuck. 

You don’t know what you don’t know! And it’s the best thing ever to see the “ah-ha” moments for my students that trigger huge dreams for them. And then I get to help them make a plan for how it will happen (because I know it will!)

But more than anything, it’s so nice to have someone to help navigate difficult or unclear situations together to provide a clear plan of what to communicate and how to handle certain situations. Because guess what, there’s a good chance I’ve been there!! So I can walk you through how I’ve handled things or how I would do things differently. 

Even if that’s as simple as not knowing what to price something or how to come up with a custom proposal for a wedding you really want to book. When you’re hiring a photography business coach, you get someone that hands-on and gives you real-time coaching to help you through those situations. 

3. Having a new set off eyes on your business

The “done with and for you” program that I run plays a huge factor in you nto only learning it so you can apply it and be an independent entrepreneur, but you also have the guidance of someone helping you do it. You can also have it done for you with plug + play and adding on your branding. This makes the biggest difference!

I’m not only teaching you HOW to make a guide, but I give you the exact guide and outline you should use. Then I’m giving a personalized review together off what yours should exactly say, what your priice should be, etc. 

It’s the “done with and for you” aspect that you can’t get out of any other form of education!

4. Having more direction

When you have a plan, you take action. But without a plan, you either fail or you take way longer! I help my students find clairy in which direction they want to take things and actually give them an action plan or marketing campaign to get them there. 

Again, it’s all about having accountability and guidance so you actually make moves and don’t sit on something for too long. You want to take action and make waves!

5. Having a community of new Photographer Besties

My coaching program is an application/phone call/acceptance only type of program and that’s for a reason! I like to make sure my students are the absolute perfect fit for my program for a couple of reasons. 

One, is being so that you benefit from it. The last thing I want is someone in my program who didn’t feel like they were benefiting from it. That would be such a disservice to you! So I want to make sure that this program is the right fit for you!

Two, is I keep my program a high-level container of photographers who are motivated and going to make a change in the industry. I truly want to help coach the next generation of industry-leading photographers and help you become the “go-to” photographer in your area.

I’ve been able to do that even in the smaller town markets I’m in and I know I can do the same for others too!

Having other photographers that are working through the same issues and having them to bounce off ideas with is such a huge benefit to this program! I love watching my students rely on each other and hype each other up, it just makes it such a strong community. 

Hiring a Photography Business Coach

So what does it actually look like when you hire me as your Business Coach for your Photography Business? Here is what is included in my Passion to Profit program: 

  • 12 month access to Coaching program
  • 1 complimentary ticket to annual in-person retreat (you cover travel + accommodation)
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Copy Coach 
  • Pinterest + SEO Coach
  • Blogging Coach
  • Material feedback and audits 
  • “Done with you” approach with access to templates, guides, questionnaires, etc.
  • Private community group for extra support
  • Access to Passion to Profit online members area with training + resources

Student Testimonials from Passion to Profit

If you want to hear more from some of my students, you can see that here!

Business Coach for Photographers: Rachel Traxler

What up, I’m Rach!

Your Photography Business Coach (but my students just call me their magic inquiry fairy) because I seem to sprinkle the inquiry dust and they get magically get inquiries after our coaching calls

My teaching approach focuses on customization—using proven methods tailored specifically to your business, so we can truly customize your learning experience together and break free from the cookie-cutter techniques everyone else is using

Here’s my golden rule: help you radiate in your own realm of expertise 

The heart behind my student-centric approach is helping you set the foundations you need in your business to become the go-to photographer in your market in the simplest way so you can grow faster without the overwhelm

You can apply to Passion to Profit here!

Make this year your best year yet

Apply for the high-level Photography Business Coaching program helping established Photographers become lead generation machines, conversion queens, book your highest paying clients, grow your team, generate more income, make more impact, and SERVE your community more! (not even being biased – but it’s pure gold 🙂

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