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Are you wondering how to start and maintain a good podcast? Today we are learning from Jenny Suneson, an amazing podcast manager coach who helps other female business owners who run and want to launch podcasts effectively. We’ll cover everything regarding podcasts as she’s so knowledgeable in the whole podcast world! About Jenny Suneson Jenny […]

Are you looking for a way to turn your photography hobby into a full-time business? Or take your business to the next level? With Dawn Charles, we cover topics like mindset setbacks, the important thing you need to consider if you’re shifting from photography being a hobby or a side job to turning it into […]

Your website copy is key to bringing in leads and more income to your business. Ashlyn Carter shares her secret to powerful copywriting. Are you a photographer having issues with writing your copy? Not only coming up with a copy, but having a compelling copy? With Ashlyn Carter, an incredible copywriter, we’re going to cover […]

the secret to powerful copywriting

Are you a multi-passionate creative with multiple passions within your photography industry? Or do you enjoy gardening and are trying to tie the two together? Maybe you feel you have to pick one or you’ve been told you need to niche down. Here’s how to run a multi-passionate business. With D’Ana Joi, a business coach for […]

Are you feeling like your inbox has been empty and you’ve been sitting around waiting for those inquiries to roll in? Here’s how to get more photography clients and have a booming inbox! How to Get More Photography Clients Sometimes as a photographer, you can feel like those inquiries are never coming in as often […]

Okay so something really amazing and exciting happened this year! After my 10 years of booking and photographing weddings, I started offering AND I booked my first 5-figure wedding package, and then something crazy happened 2 weeks later… I ended up booking ANOTHER 5-figure wedding. So I booked 2 5-figure weddings within 2 weeks of […]

Does marketing feel overwhelming to you and it leaves you feeling stuck? Here are some creative ways to market your business authentically. Are you concerned about marketing and what marketing looks like? Do you wonder how to execute it, lay it out and have marketing plans? Katrina Aronson is a marketing genius with a mission […]

Branding can be an intimidating process as a photographer that can leave you stuck. Here’s how to brand a business to bring in more clients! Are you confused about where to begin your branding journey from? Or you’re already branding yourself and your business but would love to know how to do that better and […]

Social media doesn’t need to be the only way that you bring in inquiries, and it shouldn’t be! Here’s why I took a social media break and how I still brought in some of my biggest months yet.  Why I Took a Social Media Break I unintentionally took a short social media break because of […]

Scaling your business could be confusing. You might want to add a new offer to your business, want to work less while growing your business, and at the same time make more income. But you don’t know when to start as it all feels so confusing to you.  There are a lot of things that […]