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how i prep for a session

How I Prep for a Session

how i prep for a session

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A lot goes into prepping for a session, especially when it comes to communication, providing resources, doing your research, and finding the inspiration for the session. It’s important to make sure you are taking the time for your clients to make their session the best it can be! And I want to share with you how I prep for a session!

So how do you prepare for each session? Do you have a specific workflow that you work through each time with a client? Or is it often different every time? 

I want to share with you just a few of the things that I do to prep for a session, although there is much more! Here is how I prep for a session with my clients!

How I Prep for a Session

Prepping for a session means taking the time to communicate with your clients and find out what they are looking for in your session, providing them with any resources to provide a better experience, and taking the time to find what will make the session go above and beyond their expectations. So here are a few things I do for this purpose!

1 Month to 2 Weeks Out

Somewhere around a month to two weeks out I will start my workflow for prepping for a session! One of the first things I will do is check in with the couple to finalize the date and be sure it still works for them! I also will check on the time, and the location, to know we are both on the same page and ready for the upcoming session! 

I’ll send over a check in email to the client with all of the final information so they have this for their records and are ready to go!

The Week Of

Usually the week of is when I will check the weather and make sure everything looks right! If necessary, I may need to speak with the client about any potential changes due to the weather if something comes up. But normally I just prepare myself and make sure I have what I need for the conditions!

Day Before

The day before a session is when I review the client’s questionnaire to know exactly who they are and what they are looking for in the session. This is where I get all of my inspiration for their session from. I learn about their story and get inspired with how I can best capture them and their relationship. 

This is also how I figure out all the posing + prompting I would like to do during the session. Nothing is more uncomfortable than being asked to do something that does not feel like yourself, and when it comes to posing your clients that is no exception either. Make sure you are crafting and customizing their session experience to best fit them and tell their story!

Final Thoughts

Prepping for a session is KEY to making sure your client has the best experience with you! You want them to be fully content with their session and know you went above and beyond for them!

So I am offering something I have never done before JUST FOR YOU! 

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