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How to Book More Weddings

Wanting to grow your photography business but feeling stuck? Here are my best tips for how to book more weddings and fill up your calendar!

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If you are just starting out your photography business within the last couple of years, you might be wondering how to get your calendar full of bookings. And not only bookings, but your dream weddings.

Have you ever received a DREAM inquiry for a Wedding you were SO pumped about, only to then get ghosted or turned down? Look. We have ALL been there, and sometimes it just happens. But, I have some tips for you to help prevent that from happening!

1. Your Website

Is your website optimized for your dream clients? Their experience with you starts well before they even reach out to you! 

How easy is your website to navigate?

Does your website attract the type of clients you want?

Are they able to easily get in contact with you?

You also need to make sure your website is updated and relevant. Make sure there is no old information or content throughout your site. 

Your website should be about them NOT you. Take them on a journey throughout your website and put their mind at ease with your services

2. Social media

Specifically, Instagram. So many of my clients come from finding me on Instagram, and that comes with having a strategy. Here are a few of my quick instagram tips for attracting potential clients:


There are 2 apps I love to use for instagram hashtags.

  1. Hishash: which you can create sets for different scenarios and it will atomically mix up your hashtags so you are not posing them in the same order to prevent from shadow-banning or blocking people from seeing your content.
  2. Smarthash: this app will tell you which hashtags are performing the best in your sets and generating the most engagement for you. That way you can go in an reevaluate your hashtags if need be.

Post consistently.

Create valuable content .

Create an incredible Client Experience.

Take a close look at the full journey you are taking your clients on. There are always ways to streamline that process better. Nothing is a better referral than word of mouth, so make sure you are serving all of your clients well with your current client experience. This will help you to generate more leads and income in the long run.

Some quick tips to create a better Client Experience can be found HERE.

Take the QUIZ to find out what Client Experience Connector type you are.

3. Network

Networking can be done in so many fun and creative ways. Think outside the box when it comes to networking. What are some ways you can network that no one else is doing?Team up and collaborate with other businesses to help get your name out there!

Examples: wedding planners, wedding venues, jewelers, dress stores, etc. It is amazing what a few good partnerships can do for your business.

But remember, you have to go to them. Opportunities don’t always just come to you, so work hard to create those relationships!The more connections you have, the more opportunities will present themselves! 

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