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How to Optimize Your Contact Form

Having a quality contact form is KEY to growing your business! How can you create the best possible experience for your potential client to help increase your booking rate and elevate your client’s journey? Here’s how to optimize your contact form to bring in more clients!

By implementing these small and super simple strategies, I have seen an increase in inquiries and my booking rate… and you can’t complain about that! They are so simple you can do them too, so let’s dive into it.

Easy to Find

You do not want to send people on a scavenger hunt to find your contact form. Make it SUPER bold, clear, and easy to find from anywhere on your site or even social media. The second someone lands on your site, can they clearly see where they can get in contact with you? And is that portrayed throughout the rest of your site too?

You don’t want to miss out on business because your contact form is too hidden. Make sure that on any page they may land on your site, they can clearly know how to get in contact with you!

On The Top Fold of the Page

It’s so important to make sure your form is on the top fold of the page, that way your potential clients aren’t having to scroll down to find it. You don’t want them going on a hunt and taking up their time to find how to contact you. So make it easy to find, right at the top of your website!

Easy to Read

This should be obvious but make sure they can clearly read the form! Make sure the font is big enough, and that the color of the form is dark and bold enough to read on both your computer and your phone. 

If they can’t even read it or read it EASILY, it may shy them away from taking the time to fill it out. For example, I used to have a yellow font which was my brand color and I loved it, but it wasn’t as easy to read as a darker color such as black was – so I changed it!


And obviously make sure your website is mobile friendly and that it is clear for people to get to your contact page on your website. Then once people are on your contact page on your website, make sure that your contact form is easy to read and fill out as well. It can sometimes end up looking funky on mobile, so be sure to check everything looks how it should!

Don’t Ask Too Many Questions

I personally don’t like to have TOO many questions that I ask on my contact form, because I don’t think it is the time to be asking them. There are a lot of questions I can ask in the next step or later on in the process with them, so no need to add it to the contact form. 

If they have to think too hard about what to fill out, they might get overwhelmed and not even fill out the form at all. I just want them to hit submit and get into my inbox so I can take control over their experience from there!

Initial Response to Inquiry

A lot goes into this part of the process! But I have set templates to send to the potential client based on the type of inquiry I receive. I then try to customize the crap out of it when I send it back. This helps me be able to respond quicker, but also add in some personalization. 

But think about WHAT and HOW you are responding. What information are you giving them right away? What CTA’s are you providing them? Do you give them pricing right away or do you dig deeper first? Because how you respond really does matter. It sets the tone for their entire experience with you.

I personally love to get clients on the phone at this point and I have an entire outline that I like to follow to ensure that I am creating an experience for them, and taking the time to foster a relationship and educate them on the value of what I offer. This is a lead in for a whole other topic for how to create and set up your workflow, but it ALL TIES TOGETHER and truly matters, so you want to make sure you’re laying it all out in a way that makes sense to the couple.

Final Thoughts

Having a quality contact form is what will continue to grow your business and keep those inquiries coming in. So be sure you take the time to optimize it and make any necessary changes!

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