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How to Sell Without Feeling Sales-y

Okay friends, I’ve heard so many of y’all say this, and since I’ve personally felt this in the past too, I figured it deserved its own post. How do you NOT feel salesy when you’re selling your services?

Sounds counterintuitive, right?! I mean… if you’re a service based business, you’re most likely selling something right?!

While yes you are, we’re creative entrepreneurs – not a salesperson. So what can you do to help reframe your mindset around selling without selling?

Honestly, it’s WAYYY easier than you think and chances are you’ve been overcomplicating it. So I’m going to tell you how to do that in today’s post!

How to Sell Without Feeling Sales-y

Today I’m going to walk you through ways to be able to “sell” your services with more confidence. The last one is my favorite tip, so stick around to read about that one! Even though they’re all good and equally as important, I think you’ll need to hear the last one!

So, let’s get into it! Here are 4 ways to sell without feeling sales-y. 

Focus on Connection

Connection is how we develop trust with each other and trust is probably the biggest part of selling your services. When you do anything service based – go out to eat, get your hair done, get a massage, you want to feel some sort of trust with the person taking care of you!

But when you really connect with someone and they know your service is there, they will come to you. And if they don’t need your services, they know you are offering them and will recommend you to people who do!

If someone isn’t a right fit for you or your service, don’t be afraid to tell them! Neither of you should waste your time on an experience that isn’t going to be a great fit for you both.

Conversion comes from connection so you can hook and book your potential clients.

Focus on Serving

Let me tell you a little secret about sales. The biggest thing customers are thinking when shopping is, “How is this going to solve my problem?” It makes total sense!

When we are shopping for something – not an impulse buy – we are thinking about how that thing is going to make our lives better or easier. So, when you talk about what you offer, go in with that question in mind.

How is what you are providing going to solve your customers’ problems? Putting yourself in their shoes helps you approach each conversation with a focus on serving and taking care of your customer!

This connects back to tip number one. Building that connection with your clients to make sure you understand what they REALLY want! Because it all circles back to making sure you focus on SERVING your clients and potential clients. It’s your job to showcase how your services will be able to do that.

When you can shift your mindset from selling to serving, that is where the true comfortability comes in. You won’t feel like you’re selling when you know that anyone who is blessed with your services is being served with life changing services.

You need to full-heartedly believe in that, yourself, and your offer. And if you don’t, then it’s time to take a serious deeper look into why that is.

Show Up as Yourself

When people are looking for your service, they are looking for a person to connect with, not just your service only. And YOU are your biggest secret to your own “sales success”. That is why 20 people could be selling the same exact thing, but what’s going to sell that service is the person offering it – not just the product itself.

When you hear that you may think about having to show up on social media all the time. But that is just a small portion that you don’t ALWAYS need. There’s other ways to go about that. Although, I will say instagram is a beautiful and powerful FREE tool we should all be utilizing for our business and just enjoying vs being frustrated with all the time.

If you’re interested in learning how to build your brand and business without social media, you can check out episode 31 of The Gold Biz Podcast!

But when it comes to making that connection and promoting your offer, people want to feel connected. And it’s easier to build relationships when you are yourself!

There is no better feeling than meeting someone and thinking, “are we meant to be best friends??” Because you get along so well! If you have a story of someone who has used one of your services and you feel like your personal connection was more than just a ‘typical’ client relationship, I would share it!

Being yourself encourages your customers to be themselves too. You get to be a breath of fresh air from the people who are super scripted or really salesy.

So don’t be afraid to be yourself. It will help you surround yourself with authentic clients who adore and trust you.

Know That Your Offer Can Change Someone’s Life

This is my favorite tip! If you aren’t 1000% confident that what you have to offer can impact someone else’s life for the better, then maybe it’s time you should take a look at what you’re offering. Because it should always be able to serve someone and make their life easier or better.

Because once you have confidence in knowing that it can, then “selling” won’t feel like “selling” it’s truly a gift to help others.

You should believe so wholeheartedly in what you have to offer people that you KNOW it is life changing. If you know that what you have to offer people will change their business and lives, you should WANT to help get that in as many hands as possible to help them!

Final Thoughts

If you are struggling with feeling confident in ‘selling’ your business, think of it as advocating for your business. Remember you’re not forcing anyone to buy anything or do anything they don’t want to do.

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how to sell without feeling salesy

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