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H I   T H E R E !

I'M   R A C H E L ,

but I like to be called Rach!

I've always had my own plan for life, until God showed me He has a greater one. It turns out that playing it safe wasn’t for me. Photography has always been a passion of mine but I never dreamt I would be brave enough to take the leap of faith to pursue it as my career.
He has given me the gift of photography as a tool of trade to share how I see the world, and to give others the gift of time. Photographing raw, emotional moments is simply what I live for. So, I am embracing this new path of life in which He is leading me, and enjoying the journey. Life is too dang short not to do what you love!

So, welcome friends! I am so glad you stopped by! If you are here, chances are you are wanting to get to know a little bit more about me! So here it is: I am a small town Minnesota girl who finds the beauty in simplicity. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. I am a wife to my handsome husbabe, Trent. 99% of our time together is spent laughing, goofing around, or eating junk food. Ice cream is the way to my heart. I am a sucker for wind blown hair. When I am not pouring my heart into my work, you can find me anywhere outdoors, hanging out in a coffee shop, or nuzzled on the couch binge watching Hulu with a yummy candle burning near by. 




Alright, alright, enough about me.

Let's chat so we can start this adventure together!

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