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Convert your inquiries into your highest paying packages

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How can you stand out in the sea of Photographers and book premium clients when everyone is using the same client attraction strategies in 2023?!
After nearly 10 years in the industry, I’ve learned what makes clients have the best experience that helps convert inquiries into premium clients!

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and stop relying on social media to do the work and learn my proven Inquiry to Income method to consistently convert leads into premium paying clients 

Ditch the Inquiry Rollercoaster 

Setting up your inquiries to be optimized to start off your client journey on the right foot with high converting lead generation strategies

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Your initial response is the first point of communication with your clients in their experience with you.. make sure you are doing it in a way that allows you to stand out 

Maybe you're already doing phone calls with potential clients.. but are you doing them effectively? Run high converting phone calls that allow you to deeply connect and be a no-brainer choice

Ditch sending standard pricing options and customize your wedding packages to your clients that will allow them to feel seen and heard 

The magic is in the follow up! And I can guarantee you aren't doing it this way

You're on the Inquiry Rollercoaster™

You aren't consistently booking your highest paying packages

You're relying on social media for leads

Most of your inquiries end up going in a different direction or ghosting you

You're not creating custom proposals for your clients

this is for you if...

"I just booked my HIGHEST PACKAGE EVERRRR!!! That makes 5 weddings booked this month!"

- Lizzie

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"Using your Custom proposal method, I raised my prices and booked two of my highest packages ever!"


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I'm ready to book my inquiries!


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Convert Price Shoppers into Booked Clients
Real Phone Call example
Phone call outline
When to send a Custom Proposal
Outlining a Custom Proposal
Laying out your Pricing
Coming up with Custom Pricing Packages
Custom Proposal Follow up email
Custom Proposal Template
Follow up Method
Follow up Email
Creating your Converting Follow Up 
Follow up email templates
Securing the booking
Booking workflow
Sending contracts + invoices
Onboarding Workflow 

Your Booking Bottleneck
Invisible Drivers of Success
Lead Generation Strategies
Advanced Lead Generation Strategies
Branding Foundations
Marketing Content Approach
Creating Ideal Clients out of Current ones
Contact Page + Form
What to do if you’re still not getting Inquiries
How to Decline Clients
Analyze Form Submissions
What to include in an Initial Response
Customizing your Initial Response
Real Inquiry Example Walkthrough
Custom Inquiry email template
Belief Grid for Phone Calls
Approach to Client Calls

I'm ready to book my inquiries!


4 payments of


1 payment of