Take pride and be confident in what you do.

I am so humbled and honored that you would want to learn from me. 

Skype call

2 hours | $600

Because you deserve to be proud of your work

We will hop on a zoom/facetime call to go over all of your struggles and questions. This will be a Q+A type of session. You will send me over a question list and topics you want to cover prior to the phone call, that way we can make the absolute best out of our time together! 

Some examples could be:
-shooting tips + how I approach sessions and weddings
-pricing + contracts
-client connection
-inspiration block

Whatever you want to talk about to get the most out of your time is fine with me!

Coffee Date

4 hours | $1000

We will meet up in person to grab coffee or a drink and chat about all the things! If you have questions about your camera or need help with settings as well as a long list of questions, this would be a great option! 

Workshop day

7 hours | $2000

This is like a mini personal workshop day! We will meet for coffee and get to know each other and go over your business goals and any questions you have. Some topics we can cover before the shoot are client prep/client connection, contracts/invoicing, and goal setting!

Then I will have a shoot set up to fit your needs of whatever kind you want. We will have a 45-60 minute shoot so you can get some hands on experience. During the shoot, I will be directing + prompting the couple, and you get to shoot. That way you can see first hand of how I pose and direct my couples, and also get some amazing photos! But I always love a teamwork approach, so I will have you take turns directing as well if you’d like!  After the shoot, we will go grab some dinner and also talk about:

-editing & workflow
-gallery delivery 

If you want to split the cost, bring a friend! I am also open to doing these sessions anywhere in the US! I am offering a very limited number of the workshop day sessions this year, so fill out the form below if you want to chat! 


I cannot wait to learn and grow with you, and help give you confidence in your awesome business!

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I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

"I made a commitment at the beginning of the year to invest in my education as a photographer so I can grow and continue to learn. I have admired Rachel’s work for SO long and reached out in January to set up a mentor session to learn from one of the best (and coolest).

YOU GUYS. This was the best investment I’ve made this year. I’ve grown a lot since starting this business but I needed someone to teach me the smaller things, the nuances you forget to ask or try to learn yourself and Rachel was a completely open book. As soon as she opened the door we screamed and hugged and I don’t know if I’ve ever felt like I had a best friend so quickly. 

I walked away from this session feeling confident in the direction I was taking my business, WAY more knowledgeable about my craft, refined in my editing and hella proud of what I’ve grown into in the past year. This mentorship gave me the confidence to feel like a damn professional and I couldn’t be more grateful for Rachel’s talent, knowledge and generosity and pushing me further to be better and better.
The ideas for my business were overflowing on the ride home. 

I FEEL SO GRATEFUL AND INSPIRED. The QUICKEST way to grow your business is to invest in yourself. GO."

— Anna Marie Photography


YOU GUYS. This was the best investment I’ve made this year.