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3 Mistakes Photographers Make with Their Clients

Sessions not going how you’d like them to? Here are 3 mistakes photographers make with their clients that you can fix today!

3 Mistakes Photographers Make With Their Clients

We’ve ALL made mistakes as a photographer, I know I have! It takes trial and error to learn what works for you and what doesn’t. Luckily, I’ve found a system that works super well for me and my clients that results in an awesome experience. I want to share some tips to help you get there as well!

Let’s dive into the 3 mistakes you are making with your clients!

Mistake #1: Hoping Your Clients are Creative

Too often I will see photographers say they love when their clients are creative and think outside the box, which is GREAT! I always love that too! But I personally think it’s ultimately our job to do that – not the clients. The pressure shouldn’t be on the clients to be creative, and it should be left up to us!

Creating a workflow that ensures you are the educated professional sets it up for more creative sessions and more raving clients, because they will love their experience with you. But what exactly does that look like? This can be done by creaitng specific guides, questionnaires, email templates and creating a unique experience for your couples. This helps guide them through their experience in a seamless + educational way. 

The more they are in the know about the process, the more comfortable your clients will feel. And the more you can get to know them, the easier it will be for YOU to help craft that customized session to get them to be creative and be the guide in their process.

I always say you want to be the guide in your client’s journey, and let them be the hero. Give them something they didn’t even know they wanted by guiding them into it. Basically, I think it’s your job as the professional to help guide and provide the creativity for your clients. You are able to pull creativity from your couple once you get to know them through your workflow, and create an overall good client experience that will benefit both parties in BIG ways.

Mistake #2: Getting Upset if a Client Ghosts You or Isn’t Your Ideal Client

Once again, this is on YOU, not them! If a client ghosts you it’s because you didn’t have a good enough workflow set in place to prevent that from happening.

Look at the experience you are providing from WAY before initial inquiry (because remember it starts way before they even fill out that contact form) all the way until after booking. What does your inquiry process look like? Think about what information you are providing to them at that time and also HOW you are communicating with them. Is It as strong as it should be? Or can it be improved?

Also, HOW are you responding to initial inquiries? How do you respond to an email? What about a phone call? What does the language look like in your response? And what information are you providing to them at what points in your process? Because IT MATTERS. Take the time to think this through and realize what may be pushing your ideal clients away. 

Mistake #3: Memorizing a Shot List of Poses & Having Set Posing Prompts

Each couple session should be completely different and 100% customized to the couple. Every couple is different, so you can’t go into a session with a plan of having prompts memorized, because it will only cause brain blocks and you’ll find yourself stuck during the session. 

Instead, craft each session to be customized to them completely! This can be done in the connecting + nurturing phase of their client experience. Having set guides, templates, and questionnaires that both guide and educate them, and help YOU form their experience. When you have all of these 3 things nailed down throughout your workflow process, you will be able to not only have a killer experience, but you will be able to craft up and customize their session posing + prompts from their information!

Final Thoughts

So if you find yourself making any of these mistakes, know that it’s OKAY!!! I challenge you to make these changes in your client experience and see what it does for you! Personally I know I had a major shift in the connection I was creating with my clients once I implemented these changes into my business plan and workflow. 

I hope you loved these 3 quick tips to help prevent making these mistakes in your photography business! 

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