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5 Ways to Over Deliver for Your Clients

Want to provide the best possible experience for your clients? Well here are 5 ways that you can over deliver for your clients!

We’ve all heard the term under promise – over deliver. But what exactly does that mean and how do you apply it within your client experience?

Today we’re going to be covering 5 ideas that you can do to over deliver to your clients to provide a better service and feel more confident in what you charge because of it.

I’ll be going over 5 quick ideas that you can implement to help you under promise and over deliver in your client experience. This will help you feel more confident in the price you’re charging your clients. And eventually help you be able to raise your pricing as well! 

Okay, let’s get into it: 5 ideas you can do to under promise and over deliver. 

Blog posts

What I mean by this is having educational blog posts to be able to share with clients to help guide and prep them for their experience with you. But also blog posts that showcase your work that you can send to them as a portfolio.

It’s so important for your potential clients to see you as an authority and expert at what you do, and by having “ready to go” blog posts to send to them, you’re doing just that. 

When your clients and potential clients see that you have the knowledge and expertise on these topics, it will automatically position you as the expert. And by providing extra resources to them it’s going to over deliver on what they were even expecting of you.

Some blog post ideas for this would be:

  • How to make the most of your engagement session
  • Timeline tips to save time on your wedding day 
  • Fun things you didn’t know you could do on your wedding day 

Brainstorm topics you think your ideal clients would love, create those, and have them as resources to “over deliver” as special bonuses throughout their experience with you.

I always like to add the link to resources at the end of my emails in the nurture sequence so they have something tangible to take away from it as well. 

Education + prepping them

You need to make sure your clients are well educated on how YOUR services work. They need to know how they can get the most out of your services and time with you.

Because everyone runs their business so differently, it’s important you create these for yourself and your clients. 

Some ways to do this are through having guides and questionnaires that are sent to your clients throughout their experience with you!

Remember to only put the most important information in there AT THE TIME they are needing that information. This way you’re not overloading them with information overload because that will only hurt their experience.

So make sure you are only giving them the most important details and forming them into your ideal clients.

Quick turnaround time

I know this one is a complete eye roll. It’s obvious, it’s annoying, it’s over said, I know… BUT it is so important!

If you are finding you can’t keep up with delivering a quick turnaround time then maybe it’s time you start looking into outsourcing some of your services. This way you CAN make time to give them a fast turnaround time.

And this goes for everything: emails, sneak peeks, photo delivery… all of it!

But it also goes without saying… DO NOT run yourself into the ground. If there’s one thing I don’t want for you, it’s burn out. You need to figure out a method that works for you so you can prevent that at all costs.. Because it is possible!

For me personally, I have base templates for any type of response to email people back, that way I only need to change around some wording and add personalization and I can get back to people ASAP. 

If you don’t have them already, grab my FREE initial inquiry email template bundle so you can plug and play emails into your workflow for a faster response time to increase your booking rate.

My process

After every session, I go home, back up my photos, edit my base sneak peeks, label them red, export the entire catalog, and send them off to my editor. 

My team is able to get that done much quicker than I would be able to so I can ensure a fast turnaround time for my clients, therefore providing a better overall experience for them.

I know, eye roll. Nothing you haven’t already heard before… but it makes a huge difference I promise!

Also think about HOW you are making their photo delivery process an experience. If you’re just sending them their photos and holding your breath waiting to hear back from them and praying they love their photos… there is a much more efficient way you could be doing this.

It’s about what you’re saying to them when you deliver, what you’re doing for them, the way your photos are laid out for them to view for the first time, and that first overall impression that it gives when they see them. 

And it also ties into what type of experience you provided them DURING the session that ties the emotions to these photos.

FAQ’s page

Another way to over deliver for your clients is by providing a killer FAQ’s page for them! 

Switch the narrative to make your FAQ’s a positive for them and it becomes another selling point on your website. These questions should be highlighting you and making you look good!

You don’t want to have a question on there that’s going to be negative or make you look less appealing such as: 

  • Do you give out raw photos? Your answer will be no.
  • Do you do families? No.
  • Do you charge for travel? Yes, etc. 
  • How much experience do you have? Only 2 years.
  • Have you shot at the venue before? No.

You want your questions again to highlight and be selling points. 

So some examples would be:

Do you help us with a timeline? The answer would be YES. Then you can explain how you help create a timeline that outlines times to make the most out of your photography services and it positions you as the expert.

Or how do we pick photo locations? Then you can explain how you help guide them on picking the best photo locations so they don’t have to worry or stress over planning it all themselves.

When you can switch the mindset and phrasing of your FAQ, it can be a powerful selling point!

Tutorials and instructions 

This one is my favorite! It’s something I don’t see many people doing but would make a huge difference in over delivering to your clients. Therefore providing a killlller client experience which we all know I love and want for you all as well!

Providing tutorials and instructions for your clients can look different depending on your process and what programs you use, but some examples would be:

  • A video tutorial of how to download their images
  • Or written instructions on how to save their gallery link and back them up to a USB
  • Or even a video of you explaining what all the clauses in your contract mean on a simpler level for them to understand, etc. 

The possibilities are endless with how you can systemize this into your workflow, but being able to write or film these things once and then have it as a resource to provide to your clients will make a HUGE impact on giving you time back in your life. 

It also provides them a better experience which will then lead to more referrals, more clients, opportunities to scale your team and business, and generate more revenue as well!

Final thoughts

I know this is a common topic on how to over deliver to your clients, but hopefully this was helpful! 

I hope it gets your brain thinking with some fun things you can incorporate into your systems to over deliver and give an awesome client experience, because at the end of the day in your business, it all comes down to the experience you provide for your clients!

Be sure to check out the Gold Biz Podcast for more episodes!

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