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why photography inquiries have dropped

Why Photography Inquiries Have Dropped

Wondering why photography inquiries have dropped this year and not sure how to fix it? Here are some tips for increasing inquiries!

Today I have a really fun post for you because we’re gonna be talking about why inquiries have dipped this year because yes, it is happening and you are not alone! If you feel like this is happening to you and you’re wondering why I’m seeing this as an industry standard as a whole, I’m hearing it from my students, I’m seeing it myself. So I figured it would be a really good post to talk about, dissect and see what we can do, and my thoughts of why this is happening. So we’re gonna talk about that in today’s post! 

Why Photography Inquiries Have Dropped

So like I said, I’m seeing a trend in the industry, so let’s talk about it. Maybe you’ve noticed that your inquiries have taken a dip, or maybe people just aren’t booking with you. They’re inquiring, but they’re ghosting you or just not booking, or maybe your prices are too high, and that’s the feedback you’re getting from people. Like, what the heck is going on, right? 

I’m hearing this from everyone, I’m seeing it myself, and you’re probably thinking, what are you doing wrong? What am I doing wrong and how can I fix this? Again, I’m seeing this as a shift in the industry. So you’re not alone, but there are things that you can do to change it. So if there is one true thing that I know to be about entrepreneurship, it’s that changes arer inevitable. It’s going to happen. We’re in a creative industry!

Things happen, technology changes. AI is taking over, technology is getting more advanced, we’re just in an ever-changing industry. So it’s how we’re keeping up with that. And for some reason we’re seeing a shift this year. We need to adjust to that and make some changes. And the good news is, guess what? People are still getting married. Weddings aren’t really going away. People still want photos. People still want wedding photos. 

I feel like that’s one of the most important things to people on their wedding day. So I don’t think photography is going anywhere. It’s still very much so a thing. So even if you’re seeing a dip in inquiries, things are kind of going downhill. I just think you need to take it upon yourself to switch things up. I think it’s time to get creative, and that’s kind of what it takes to be a creative entrepreneur rolling with the changes, rolling with the adjustments and fixing it.

What to do when photography inquiries are low

So again, the good news is I have entire approaches and methods and all that stuff that no one else is doing, which is why my students actually are seeing such success and still booking weddings. Obviously, they’re experiencing it too. We all are, but there’s just ways around it. And my students and myself are still booking weddings at their highest package that they’ve ever booked before. 

So I know it’s possible and it’s still happening for people. We’re just gonna talk a little bit today about how to make that happen and how you can do that too. So before we dive in though, I want you to really just ask yourself, what is my potential client’s experience journey with me look like? What on their end are they experiencing? What does it feel like? And what does it look like? Because most of the time everyone in the industry is doing the same thing and they’re doing it the same way and they’re doing it with the same response.

How are you different?

So you have to ask yourself, how am I different? What am I doing in my process that makes me stand out that no one else is doing that is still in alignment and still in integrity with my business? This isn’t gonna just be something that, maybe it does, just come to you and it clicks, but a lot of the time it won’t. So don’t be hard on yourself if it doesn’t just click right away. 

That’s kind of my assignment for you from this post that I want you to walk away with and think about is, how can you do that? When a client fills out your contact form right away, what are you doing that’s different from what any other photographer is doing? So everyone sends the same email no matter what type of vendor you are, not even just photographers, but other vendors who were sending the same email.

Sounds redundant. You’re not really standing out! So if you take anything from today’s episode, I want it to be that you really think about what you’re going to do differently to stand out again. 

What’s working in your photography business?

Next, I want you like to think about what has worked for you thus far because, and maybe what hasn’t worked for you thus far, because what’s worked for you to get you to this point is not going to work anymore, and it’s not going to get you to where you’re going. Especially right now as we are seeing such a shift, old strategies are kind of going out. So it’s a beautiful thing and a frustrating thing and an overwhelming thing. It’s almost like one of those times where Instagram doesn’t update and you do a little eye roll. Now I’ve gotta adjust to this.

I think we are seeing a shift in the industry and we’ve been used to and kind of spoiled with being able to get away with doing the same things for quite a while now that I think it’s just something that’s happening in our industry that it’s just time for a change. A shift is happening, we have to adjust for it. 

Are you in a clientele shift?

You have to also think about yourself. Maybe this is happening to you because you’re in a clientele shift. Or you are in a price increase transition, or maybe you just haven’t expanded your lead generation marketing enough. Maybe those are one of the three reasons that this is happening for you. So if the inquiries aren’t coming in for you right now, maybe it’s time to add in another form of lead generation strategy that you’re not doing. 

And I know you’re thinking, Rach, I can’t add on another thing to my plate. I can’t do this. It’s overwhelming, I can’t do it, but hear me out. I totally get it. But, I want you to look at the back end of your business and look at even the income-generating activity that your business is producing. And just kind of reevaluate what’s not performing the best for you right now in terms of revenue and inquiries. And all you have to do is swap that one out. 

So if you are like, yeah, I’ve been putting a lot of effort into ads or something like that and it’s not working, take that out and we’re gonna try something different. Maybe you’re gonna try Pinterest this time. Maybe it’s time to take Pinterest seriously. And then once you get Pinterest down and get funnels really solidified there, then you can start adding ads back in. But I want you to look at what’s not working and we’re just gonna swap that out and change something.

Try a new lead generation strategy

So it just may be simply time to just try a different form of lead generation strategy. Or maybe you’re in a clientele shift and you’re tapping into that next level of clientele and you’re used to putting all of your marketing eggs into Instagram. And maybe as you’re working on a clientele shift and tapping into that next level of clientele, your ideal client is not even on Instagram because you’re in a different clientele industry market. So it’s just time to look at that. 

Pick one kind of lead generation that requires your every single day attention, maybe not every single day, but requires a little bit more real time energy from you. And then pick one lead generation strategy that does not require your every single day attention. That way if you need to take a break in your business or you wanna take a week off or you’re just not feeling it, or you’re kind of in a lull and you’re not feeling motivated, it’s okay because that’s running for you on the backend and those inquiries are still going to come in.

That’s why I personally love having two coaches in my photography coaching program to bring in other forms of lead generation strategy. Having a copy coach, helping with copy and having converting and compelling copy, and then also having a Pinterest, blogging and SEO coach. 

Those three things alone, having those other forms of lead generations in your business are just so powerful. And then that way you don’t feel like you need to rely on social media or show up every single day that you can go on a break from your business. It’s not going to affect it. That’s why I love having those co-coaches in my program. It’s really powerful. 

The cause of inquiries dipping for photographers

But now here’s kind of my thoughts on why inquiries might be dipping this year and kind of like what to do about it. Honestly, I’m not sure. I’m not sure why we are all as an industry like collectively seeing a dip and it could totally change for me.

Typically, Q1 is my heavy inquiry booking season. That’s just my quarter that I book the most and I get the most inquiries of the year. This year it just wasn’t. But that’s not to say that another quarter isn’t gonna be heavier this year. I don’t know that yet. I think all we can do is continue to analyze and evaluate our lead generation strategies, stay strong in our marketing strategies to really be in alignment and make sure that we’re running a solid business on the backend in terms of our marketing, our funnels, our workflows, our client experience, et cetera, all those things. 

Those are all my favorite things to help teach on and help other photographers with as well. And who knows, maybe this summer it’s going to pick up again. It’s gonna be a busier season. Maybe this fall. Q3 is always my highest income-generating quarter. So who knows, maybe Q3 is gonna be my highest booking inquiry month too. You just never know. 

Make some changes in your business

But I highly suggest for you just testing, switching it up and making sure that you have those solid marketing campaigns and lead generation funnels so that you can get those inquiries. Your business is ready for those inquiries too. That way, again, like I was saying, if q3 all of a sudden it picks back up and it’s a really heavy booking season for you in the fall instead of the winter or what it normally is, that your business is ready for it. 

And if you are getting them to your inbox, but maybe you’re not actually converting them or they’re ghosting you or they’re saying that your prices are out of their budget or anything like that, I want you to go back and listen to episode number 73.

Because I think that’s gonna be a really helpful one for you that dives into it a little bit more. And if you feel like you’re doing all those things but the inquiries just still are not coming in, then I want you to go back and listen to episode number 78. Cause I think that’s gonna be a really, really powerful one for you to listen to there. 

Want more help with bringing in inquiries?

If you are wanting a more personalized coaching and guidance experiences here in your business just to push past these bottlenecks that we are seeing happening and still be able to book those higher paying weddings and your highest paying weddings yet, like my students are doing in the in their program right now, then DM me the word help on Instagram and then I’ll tell you more about the areas that you need help with right now.

I’ll help you figure out what the next steps are for you that way. Just know that you’re not alone. This is an industry as a whole collective that we’re experiencing this, but also know that there are ways around it. There’s ways to navigate it.

And I know that you can do this too, so don’t give up because we don’t know what’s going to happen for the rest of the year. We don’t know when we’re gonna see that increase again. So make sure that your business is ready for it on the back end so that as soon as it’s time and as soon as things start picking up, you’re gonna start booking those and converting those inquiries like I know you can. So thank you so much for reading today’s post. I appreciate you so, so much. Keep shining and we’ll see you next time!

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why photography inquiries have dropped

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