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Posing Prompts Your Clients Will LOVE

posing prompts your clients will love

Do you ever feel stuck at your sessions and not know what to do next? It happens! I want to share with you some of my go-to posing prompts that I pull out at every session to not only help me gain some confidence, but also makes my clients feel more comfortable! So here are 2 of my favorite go-to posing prompts + an extra tip!

Play Games

Most couples LOVE playing games during the session! It makes the session interactive and

they forget that you are even taking photos – and they end up being some of my favorite ones! Most of the time couples can be a little uneasy having their photos taken, but playing a game eases the anxiety and brings a fun twist to the session!

I customize the “games or questions” I use to ask per couple based on the information I gather from a questionnaire that I gather from them once they book me. This gives me an idea of who they are, and a way to make their session more customized. Including this information in the game makes it personal to them and they LOVE this. It makes them know I took the time to get to know them, and genuinely want to make their experience the best it can be!


Yes, it may sound simple but it is a great way to switch up your posing and get them to try something different! There are many different ways you can pose couples sitting down, and it can often be customized based on the location of the session. But here are a few you can use for reference: 

  • Straddle each other
  • Girl sits in between his legs
  • The girl sits on the outside of his legs with hers across his
  • Girl sits on outside of his legs with hers pointing outwards

Sitting is a fun way to add a change to the session and add some comfort and fun to your poses!

Extra Tip: Make a Cheat Sheet

A secret trick that I do to prep for some of my sessions with things I know I want to do but don’t want to forget, is that I write down these prompts on a piece of paper. Then, once I clear my memory card I take a picture of the ideas so that is the first photo on that memory card. This way I can quickly switch back to reference it if need be! I love tailoring each session to the specific couple, but here are some fun ideas for inspiration for you to try and incorporate next time!

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posing prompts your clients will love

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