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5 Ways You’re Repelling Your Ideal Client

Does it seem like you keep losing that ideal client and not sure why that is? You may be pushing them away and not even aware you are doing so! It’s important to know not only what attracts your ideal client, but what can also repel them. So here are 5 ways you’re repelling your ideal client potentially and how you can change this!

Think about it, who is your IDEAL client? Why are they your ideal client? 

Once you know this, you know better how to attract them, and why you may actually be repelling them without even realizing it. Take the necessary steps to make those changes in your business and you will stop pushing those ideal clients away!

5 Ways You’re Repelling Your Ideal Client

So why exactly are you getting ghosted or not bringing in those ideal clients you’ve been waiting for? Here are a few potential reasons!

Not Having a Clear Brand Voice

Is your branding clear and consistent? Or is it all over the place and leaving your potential clients confused or uninterested? Having a clear brand voice means someone should come to your website and know exactly what your style is and what is important to you involving our business. 

Your brand voice should be obvious and consistent across all platforms. This includes the photos of yourself, your logo, your brand colors, as well as how you describe your business and the way you communicate. Go through your website and social media to be sure you are very clear with your brand voice and that you are consistent and obvious to your clients!

Your Visual Branding Doesn’t Appeal to Your Ideal Client

To attract your ideal client you need to know what would attract them visually! If you are wanting clients that are trendy and modern, your branding should reflect that. If it doesn’t, this will turn away those ideal clients. How can you find out what will attract them? Find a client that is exactly what you are looking for, and do your research! What influencers are they following on social media? What is their style? Take the time to figure out what your ideal clients like and how you can reflect this in your branding. 

Your Website + Social Media is Not Easy to Navigate

If it isn’t easy for your potential clients to find what they are looking for, they will move on to the next option! Your client’s journey begins before they even reach out to you. How they are navigating through your website and your social media is the beginning of their experience with you, so they need to be optimized! First of all, your branding and your style should be obvious to your clients so they know if you are what they are looking for! Your work should be easy to find on both your website and social media, because that is what your clients want to see. 

There should also be a very clear point of contact on your website, in multiple locations so your clients will know exactly how to get a hold of you! You don’t want to lose your ideal client because they couldn’t find your “contact” page. 

Your Copyright Doesn’t Speak to Your Ideal Client or Line Up with Your Branding

Does everything you post online and on social media stay consistent and aligned with your brand? This means in your social media captions, on your about page, your resources, etc. You need to be sure you find your brand voice, and keep this consistent across your online presence. 

This also needs to be the same if you were to meet up with someone in person. The way you speak in person should be consistent to how you come across online to your clients. If you are a fun and bubbly person online, but don’t have that same vibe in person it will leave your clients confused and unclear about your brand. 

Also, if you are doing your research about who your ideal client is and what they are looking for, is that brand voice speaking to them? Or just a general client? How niched down are you going in your business? Identify this and be sure the way you are coming across online matches!

You are Not Showcasing “On Brand” Portfolio

It’s important to showcase the work that is on brand, and true to your business. When looking at your portfolio, clients should have a good idea of your brand and see consistency across all of your photos. If your brand is lighter tones and industrial, you shouldn’t have images in your portfolio with a rustic or outdoorsy vibe with warmer tones. 

You should be posting what you want to attract. So if you want to attract more sessions with lighter tones and with an industrial feel, then that is what you need to share. You also need to share what you think your ideal client is looking for. Your ideal client has a very specific idea in mind, and they want to know if it’s you. You want your ideal client to come onto your page and see your portfolio, and know they want to be in your photos!

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