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The Rachel Traxler Posing Method

Too often you see photographers offering up their posing prompts, and it makes sense why! It’s fun to see how other photographers pose their couples, but it is SO not a necessity! Here I want to share the Rachel Traxler Posing method with you and how it has changed my business!

I was getting SO burnt out feeling like I was doing the same session over and over again all the time, so I did something about it. I gave up my posing prompts and created a new method! It is essentially getting to know your clients and crafting a completely unique session with posing prompts around them. That way you’re not memorizing a specific shot list and never will get stuck in how to pose them! 

Here is how I do this: with the Questionnaires I send my clients. 

Why You Should Use Questionnaires 

You NEED to be taking the time to get to know your clients before their sessions so you aren’t showing up and asking them basic questions. You should already know the basics about them so that when you meet in person you can get past just surface level and really create a magical experience for them for their session.

I’ve been there and I still witness it all the time… You go to give your couples a posing prompt and they kind of cringe or look uncomfortable. There’s certain things people don’t like to do or are just simply not their personality. But we as photographers tell them to do it because we’ve seen other photographers pose their couples like that, so you try to stay cool and trendy with the posing. NOPPPE. Hard no. 

Unpopular opinion, but you should never be getting your inspiration from other photographers posing. You should always be getting your inspiration from your couples themselves. 

Not only does this help you craft a custom and unique experience for your couple, but it will prevent burnout for you because you won’t feel like you have to memorize a shot list or feel like you’re photographing the same session all the time.

Ever since I implemented my Rachel Traxler Posing Method, my business has changed, my client experience has changed, my referrals have skyrocketed, and it’s prevented me from getting burnout, and I am always inspired. 

Want to try this new method of posing?!

I never thought I would do this, but I am sharing my exact Questionnaires, Guides, and Email Templates that I send to my couples throughout their entire workflow from start to finish. 

I am offering just the questionnaires, or you can get the bundle with all 3 too!

Prompting Connection Posing Course HERE


GET THE BUNDLE: questionnaires, guides, + email templates for your entire workflow from beginning to end HERE.

Prompting Connection Posing Course HERE

If you want to browse more resources I have for you check them out HERE.

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