This 48 page guide is made to help give you creativity and confidence in posing and directing your wedding parties. 

It is laid out from beginning to end how I pose and direct my wedding party to be most efficient with your time. 

It also goes over aperture settings depending on group size, and focus settings depending on type of photo.

The guide is broken down into sections of Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, and Full Wedding Party. I go over all of the base poses I start with and how to direct them, then there are several "prompts" of what to do underneath each base pose. There are also fun tips all throughout the guide as well! 


wedding party posing guide

"This posing guide is AMAZING. It gives you tangible tips, prompts, + tricks on how to get candid reactions from the wedding party during one of the most stressful times of a wedding day. I cannot wait to use this guide for future weddings!! 1000% recommend this to beginner to advanced photographers looking to up their game!!"
-ali lockery photography


"When I first started photographing weddings I was terrified of those big group shots because they can be overwhelming and it definitely would have helped to have a guide like this!"
-sarah zimmerman photo

"OKAY RACH!! You freakin killed this thing omg. Seriously! Wedding party always gives me so much anxiety and this helps so much. You break it down in such an amazing way!"
-Morgan Maxine Photography