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2017 Favorites

Wow. Talk about a whirlwind of a year it has been!

First off, I had NO IDEA I was going to become a full-time photographer in 2017. In fact, I never wanted to become a full-time photographer. ever. I always wanted to keep my photography as a side hustle because I enjoyed what I was doing for my other job. For some reason there was a shift in the way everything was going, and I just had this overwhelming sense of what I was meant to be doing. I always knew in my heart that I had too much of a creative mind and heart to be sitting at a desk, so I followed my heart and took the leap of faith! I can’t thank my husband enough for being the one who truly gave me the push to pursue it. (He’s the best) 

2017 Recap:

-New careers for both myself + Trent

-Becoming a full-time Photographer

-Went on our Honeymoon

-Moved to a new town

-Becoming an aunt to TWO new nephews, and Godparents to one of them

-Celebrating ONE year of marriage




-San Fransisco, CA

-Yosemite, CA

-Portland, OR

-Pacific City, OR

-Seattle, WA

-Washington D.C.



So fast forward to now, I never thought I would experience all that I have this year. I got to go to places I have only dreamt of going! 

Cheers to what 2018 has in store! 🙂 

Honeymoon to Mexico! 

We may or may not have drank too much. -_-


Brewery hopping with the family out in Colorado! This was one of my favorite trips because we just got to drink every day 🙂 We went to so many breweries I can’t keep track but my favorite was the one in Breckenridge, CO!

Flying out to Washington D.C. and back for the day with one of my 2018 couples!

Engagement session in Colorado and if you look close enough in the background there were so many mule deer (I think, I would have to ask my hubby) They would get so close to us and not leave us alone and I loved it! 


Last but not least, Oregon. It’s crazy how you can meet people across the country who you’ve never met and cry after leaving them only after a few days!! I have so much LOVE for Oregon and these girls <3

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