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Winter Bride

This is Kylie, one of my very beautiful best friends. I love more than anything how willing she is to be my model every time I get a vision! This past winter I was getting stir crazy to get out and shoot. So naturally, I call up Ky, and we get together.

Could you guess how much this look cost me to make? Probably not. The lace dress I found on Amazon for $13, the “flowers” are fake and from Hobby Lobby which were 50% off for a total of $6, and one bundle of fresh Eucalyptus from Trader Joe’s for $2.99. Yup, this beautiful look for that much money!!

Not to mention how beautifully peaceful this winter day was, but the random locations we came across were spot on. This shelter is at the town park right up the road, and the open field is right off the main road. 



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