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where to get married in la crosse, wi

La Crosse Wisconsin Wedding Venues

Where to get married in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

There are so many beautiful wedding venues in La Crosse and I want to share my favorites! Here’s where to get married in La Crosse, WI.

La Crosse, Wisconsin is such a beautiful spot that gives you a feel of being somewhere other than the Midwest! The bluffs give such incredible views, and this makes the perfect backdrops for weddings. Here’s where to get married in La Crosse area!

Where to get Married in La Crosse, WI

So once you decide you want to find a wedding venue in La Crosse, the next step is figuring out where! Choosing a venue can be difficult, but it’s all about finding something that fits you and your partner and the vibe you are looking for. I’m going to share some of my favorite wedding venues in La Crosse, Wisconsin!

1. Norskedalen

Norskedalen is a favorite of mine! It is such a beautiful and natural setting and is the perfect spot to say “I do!” It is nestled in the bluffs, just 25 minutes outside of La Crosse, so still a very convenient location, and gives you beautiful views. 

Why get married at Norskedalen?

This venue is close to my heart, because it’s actually where my husband and I got married! I just love the peaceful atmosphere and that I was able to customize it to exactly what I had in mind. It has endless options for the ceremony and reception, and you can bring everything in yourself to get as creative as you’d like!

Something I suggest is going through Event Essentials to get all your rentals! Since you have to bring in everything, you want to make sure you have a quality rental company, and this is one I definitely recommend. I also suggest bringing along some extra toilet paper and any other items like that just in case since it is a venue that doesn’t include everything and you want to make sure you’re prepared! 

Have shuttles for your guests to make things easy, and make sure to have extra comfy shoes to wear besides heels because of the terrain! I also highly suggest getting cafe lights so that your guests can dance outside under the stars, which is SO fun! 

There is really so much you can do with this venue, and it’s just absolutely beautiful! So my advice to you is to do whatever the heck you want! Deck out the place or keep it simple, it’s your blank canvas to make your own!

What’s included at Norskedalen?

Norskedalen includes a couple packages that you can choose from for your wedding. The Picturesque Package is a 3 day package that includes locations for the ceremony and reception, and gives you that extra day to set up and do rehearsal, and then also have time to clean up the day after the wedding. 

The amphitheater is the perfect spot for ceremonies, with the open air building ideal for receptions and dancing if you choose to do that inside. The Classic package includes the same as above, but includes only the one day. 

This venue does not include as much as other venues might, but that is because it is much more than just a wedding venue! But they love to accommodate weddings as much as possible, and there’s endless ways you can make this venue your own and turn it into something beautiful!

norksedalen wedding
norksedalen wedding
norksedalen wedding
norksedalen wedding

2. Mt. La Crosse

Mt. La Crosse has the best of both worlds with its indoor and outdoor venues! It’s surrounded by the bluffs and gives such a unique vintage vibe. The A-frame makes photos really stand out and the indoor space is one-of-a-kind and sure to make it something your guests remember!

Why get married at Mt. La Crosse?

Mt. La Crosse is such a gorgeous spot for a wedding! It has such a cool mountain vibe for the area, and makes you feel like you’re somewhere completely different! It is nestled in the bluffs just five minutes outside of La Crosse, so the location is perfect if you are looking for something in the La Crosse area.

In front of the A-frame is such a beautiful ceremony spot, and it makes a gorgeous backdrop for photos! There is also a very cool vintage space indoors for the reception. You can really get creative at this location and bring in food trucks or other great vendors. 

There’s a beautiful field where the sun sets perfectly in between the bluffs, which would make for perfect photos for just the two of you! Just plan the time out right to really capture the beautiful sunset. 

A tip for you: bring extra shoes besides heels because the ground is a little uneven! So just keep that in mind. Overall, this spot is beautiful and gives you so much room to customize and make the area your own!

What’s included at Mt. La Crosse?

Enjoy an indoor and outdoor location at Mt. La Crosse, with the A-frame as a backdrop for an outdoor ceremony, and the vintage space indoors for your use for the reception if desired. Reach out to Mt. La Crosse and find out what they include in their wedding packages here!

mt la crosse engagement
mt la crosse engagement

See the full blog post for this Mt. La Crosse Engagement Session here!

3. Barn on Southridge

The Barn on South Ridge is a beautiful wedding and events venue located on a scenic apple orchard on top of South Ridge in La Crescent, just outside of La Crosse. This is the apple capital of Minnesota and is owned and operated by a small family, which happens to be my best friend! It has incredible views and the opportunities to make this perfect for your day are endless. 

Why get married at Barn on Southridge? 

I grew up here so it has a special place in my heart! It’s set on top of the ridge overlooking the apple orchard and bluffs and has the most incredible sunsets! I love the huge pavilion that fits all of the guests, and you have the option to do the ceremony and reception anywhere. It gives you a chance to really customize to how you want things! 

They do really fun tractor rides during cocktail hour if it’s something you’re interested in, which is just another fun touch! There is so much you can do to customize this venue, and you have the option to bring in your stuff in advance and store on site to make everything simpler!

If it rains on your wedding day, it’s not a problem! The pavilion is the perfect backup and I’ve seen gorgeous wedding ceremonies there. No matter what, this venue will make sure your day goes perfectly and it will be beautiful!

What’s included at Barn on Southridge?

A great thing about this venue is they give you access for more than just the day of! Their packages give you 4 days of access, which is 2 days before the event, the day of, and the day following the event for cleanup. This gives you the time you need to make the venue what you’re wanting without feeling rushed!

Besides the 4 day access, you will also have the chairs and tables provided, as well as the lighting. This takes some of the work off your plate and you are able to bring in the rest of the vendors!

Find out more about this venue and see more inspiration photos here

barn on southridge wedding
where to get married in la crosse
the barn on southridge wedding
the barn on southridge wedding

4. The Greenhouse at Bittersweet

The Greenhouse at Bittersweet is a historic property with an authentic country barn and a stunning greenhouse! The property flows into a marsh, which makes for beautiful sunset views. The uniqueness of this venue makes for such a perfect and one-of-a-kind wedding!

Why get married at the Greenhouse at Bittersweet?

This venue is seriously gorgeous! I love the beautiful and elegant option of a wedding reception in a greenhouse, with a stunning outdoor ceremony spot as well. It overlooks a large, gorgeous tall grass field that the sun sets right over, and is at the base of a bluff. Which makes for such incredible photos!

It also has a backup option for the ceremony inside if there is bad weather, which is perfect! It has a barn onsite for smaller events, as well as a farmhouse onsite that you can rent. Another awesome part of this venue is that you can get flowers right onsite! They offer floral services and work with you to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

They are only open from June through October and they fit 150 guests comfortably, and their recent renovations include air conditioning to make the summer weddings more comfortable! A little tip: plan on shuttles since the parking has limited spots!

Overall it is such a unique venue and I LOVE the vibe it gives for a wedding!

What’s included at the Greenhouse at Bittersweet?

This venue provides a LOT for you, so if you’re looking for a venue to take some things off of your plate, this is definitely a great option! Here is everything that is included when you book Greenhouse at Bittersweet: 

  • 3,000 square foot Greenhouse
  • Sprawling ceremony lawn
  • Wooden 8ft harvest tables
  • Chestnut garden chairs with ivory pads
  • Market lights draped from ceiling
  • Copper lanterns (pillar candles not included)
  • Ceremony arch
  • Handmade bench seating
  • Large pergola (perfect for cocktail hour!)
  • Whiskey barrels
  • Beverage barrels
  • Whitewashed cupcake and dessert station
  • Vintage gift table
  • Large parking lot
  • Complimentary design consultation
  • Friendly and experienced staff
  • Full event set-up and break-down

For more info about this wedding venue you can find that here

the greenhouse at bittersweet wedding
the greenhouse at bittersweet wedding
the greenhouse at bittersweet wedding
the greenhouse at bittersweet wedding

5. The Charmant

The Charmant is a stunning luxury boutique hotel right in downtown La Crosse, Wisconsin and it is a renovated candy factory. How cool is that?! It has so many of the original architectural details, like the maple wood flooring, wood beams, and exposed brick. So it can be a perfect spot for a wedding if this is the vibe you’re looking for!

Why get married at The Charmant?

The Charmant is such a perfect place to get ready if you’re getting married anywhere in La Crosse! They have a beautiful rooftop and gorgeous boutique rooms that make for such stunning photos. You could also stay there the night before your wedding with your girls!

You have the option to take photos down by the river right next to the Charmant with your bridesmaids, and even have the rest of your wedding party join! This is where I got ready on our wedding day and stayed the night with my bridesmaids the day before and it was SO fun! There’s a little coffee parlor that you can get coffee in the morning on the day of the wedding too, so it really is perfect!

But, you can also host your wedding at the Charmant also! They have a beautiful event space for hosting intimate weddings, as well as the rooftop terrace. It really is a gorgeous building with the most amazing historical touches that is the perfect backdrop for photos!

What’s included at The Charmant?

Find out what is included for a wedding at The Charmant here!

wedding at the charmant
wedding at the charmant
wedding at the charmant
wedding at the charmant

6. Celebrations on the River

Celebrations on the River is unique because it offers three different stunning venues! You can really choose which one works best for you and they all offer incredible views of the river. This venue is such a full-package option if you’re looking for everything to be simple and easy!

Why get married at Celebrations on the River?

I absolutely love the outdoor ceremony spots right along the river, and that there are big indoor reception areas as well! It is so perfectly located between the river and La Crosse, for those looking in this area and with beautiful views. 

There are so many ways for you to customize this venue and make it your own, and really find what works for you! There are three venue locations: Center Court, River Park, and Serenity Hall, that all feature an outdoor ceremony space along the water and an indoor reception space. 

Center Court can fit up to 400 guests, so it’s perfect if you have a larger guest count! It has breathtaking views of the river, gorgeous gardens, an outdoor patio overlooking the ceremony altar along the river, and an amazing bridal suite. 

River Park is another river-side option that can fit up to 275 guests, with an outdoor patio, woods surrounding the ceremony and reception area, as well as a bridal suite with a full kitchen! It is such a gorgeous spot, with a beautiful reception space with high ceilings and top-of-the-line flooring. It’s to die for!

Serenity Hall is the third venue option and is perfect for smaller gatherings of up to 150 guests. It has a stunning ceiling with crystal chandeliers, a beautiful backdrop, built-in dance floor, and a bridal suite as well. The outdoor ceremony spot is perfectly intimate with trees and beautiful river views!

Celebrations on the River gives you so many options and I love it!

What’s included at Celebrations on the River?

The great thing about Celebrations on the River is that if you are looking to simplify your wedding planning and have a lot done for you, then you can choose one of their VIP wedding packages! These packages include SO much, but here is some of what it includes: 

  • Meals and desserts
  • Hosted bar with option to make it an open bar
  • Decor with setup includued
  • Dj (they have a list to choose from)
  • Photographer (they have a list to choose from)
  • Hair and makeup for the bride
  • Ceremony coordination
  • Hotel Shuttle 
  • Staff (event planner, bartender, set up and clean up)

Doing the VIP packages includes a LOT and there are 3 different ones to choose from. You also have the option to skip this and simply rent the venue and bring in your own vendors! But you will have the reception space, ceremony space, and the bridal suite all included!

Find out more info and see what a wedding looks like at Celebrations on the River here

Where to Get Married in La Crosse, WI

There are other beautiful locations for a wedding out there. But these are some of my favorite La Crosse wedding venues! The most important thing is that you find exactly what you are looking for. And that it fits within your budget! 

If you’re looking for a photographer in the La Crosse area, fill out my contact form HERE and we can start dreaming up your wedding photos together

  1. Lisa Harvey says:

    We just got engaged and are planning the wedding for October 7th 2023. We are both on a fixed income so we don’t have a lot of money to spend. The wedding is going to be very small, especially due to cost. We have roughly 20 to 30 guests only. Do not need a large space for reception. And ideas would be greatly appreciative. We would like to be able to rent a space we can decorate ourselves but includes tables, chairs and dinnerware. I have someone who is willing to make all the food to save us money as well. I am looking into the a few wedding venues like the Riverside International Gardens Park for the ceremony. But looking for other venues as well to compare price and what’s offered. We want the ceremony and reception in lacrosse. We also have folks coming in from out of town so will need a way to transport them from the airport to hotel, hotel to reception and reception back to the hotel as well as back to the airport. Thank you

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