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types of buyers for photographers

3 Types of Buyers for Photographers

When handling an initial inquiry, it’s important to know the right type of response. So here are the 3 types of buyers for photographers!

Whether it’s a bustling booking season or a slower period for inquiries, buyers play an important role. In this post, we’ll delve into the various types of buyers and explore how to cater to their specific needs. By doing so, you’ll not only increase your booking and conversion rates but also foster stronger connections with potential clients. Throughout this post, we’ll focus on three distinct buyer types that you may encounter and provide insights on how to identify and serve them effectively. 

Let’s start by examining the “types,” which can be discerned from the initial inquiry contact form. This knowledge will empower you to customize your services and meet your client’s unique requirements.

Buyer one: The Dreamers

The dreamer is typically more emotionally driven. You can pick up on this from their inquiry when they lean into maybe their proposal story or how they want to feel about their day or the emotions of their day. Some buyers are driven by their emotions when it comes to big purchases and investments. 

These individuals, whom I call “dreamers,” are motivated by the desire for an extraordinary experience. For example, a couple planning their wedding may envision a joyous celebration where their wedding party has an absolute blast. Alternatively, they may have been dreaming about their wedding day since childhood and aspire for it to be a fairytale come true. These dreamers invest emotionally in their choices, seeking to fulfill their deepest desires and create lasting memories. Understanding their emotional motivations is key to effectively serving this type of buyer.

When you understand a buyer’s emotional motivations and dreams for their wedding day, it helps to address those desires directly. You establish a strong bond by connecting with them on an emotional level and making them feel seen, loved, and heard. This helps them recognize that you are the right fit for their needs and that you can serve as a valuable connection in their wedding planning journey.

Buyer two: The Realist

The second type of buyer is the realist. These individuals are driven by information and facts. When you receive inquiry forms from this buyer, they typically provide specific details such as their wedding date, budget, and questions about your packages. Realists seek certainty and want to know exactly what they will receive. 

They tend to have a more logical, left-brain thinking approach and prioritize gathering information. To effectively serve this type of buyer, it’s important to provide clear, detailed information that addresses their questions and concerns, helping them make informed decisions.

When you receive an initial inquiry contact form, it becomes necessary to identify the buyer’s preferences to respond effectively. Some buyers lean more toward their left-brain thinking and are considered realists. They prioritize gathering information and facts. 

It is important to provide immediate pricing details to establish a connection with these buyers and make them feel acknowledged and valued. At this stage, they may not be ready to delve deeper into the process. Shifting their beliefs from left-brain thinking to right-brain thinking may require additional effort, which can be addressed during a phone call. However, in your response, focus on providing them with transparent information about prices, packages, and inclusions.

How to work with realists

For buyers who value and prioritize information, it’s important to provide them with the details they seek. In your response, you can share a standard pricing guide that includes all your prices. This enables them to evaluate the information and make an informed decision regarding their purchase or investment. 

Conversely, for emotionally driven buyers like the dreamers, the focus is on establishing a personal connection. They desire interaction, expressing their excitement and sharing their dreams about their special day. Tailoring your responses to each buyer type is crucial, as their needs and expectations vary greatly. Understanding these differences allows you to effectively communicate with and cater to each buyer.

Buyer three: The Connector

The third type of buyer is known as the connector. Connector buyers place a high value on establishing a strong connection and feeling comfortable with you as their photographer. When they fill out your contact form, they may highlight common interests or express what holds significant importance to them on their wedding day. Building a deep connection is their top priority. For instance, if they are planning a smaller, more intimate elopement-style wedding, they may prioritize spending quality time together on their special day. 

They might even express a desire to meet for coffee on the morning of their wedding. This emphasis on connection greatly influences their approach to making significant purchases and investments, including choosing you as their photographer. As a result, it is important to respond to these connector buyers by leveraging and emphasizing the connection points you share with them. By doing so, you can strengthen the bond and meet their unique needs for a meaningful and connected experience on their wedding day. Understanding their connection-driven mindset allows you to tailor your responses accordingly and establish a strong rapport with these buyers.

Establish common connection points that resonate with them when responding to these buyers. These can include shared interests such as owning a dog, having mutual friends, previous photography sessions at their chosen location, a passion for travel, or a love for specific music genres. Finding these connection points allows you to personalize your response and leverage them effectively. Regardless of whether the buyer falls into the dreamer, realist, or connector category, it’s essential to identify their type and adapt your response accordingly. Understanding their buyer type empowers you to tailor your communication to their specific needs and preferences. 

Connecting with each buyer type

Remember, identifying the buyer type doesn’t determine if they will become your ideal client. However, it helps you build a stronger connection and increases the chances of converting them into satisfied customers. So, do train yourself to recognize the buyer’s type and respond appropriately to create a positive and engaging interaction, irrespective of their classification.

Understanding the type of buyer you’re dealing with is essential when it comes to making significant investments. By leveraging this knowledge, you can actively listen and establish meaningful connections that make buyers feel seen, loved and heard. This approach is particularly necessary for service-based entrepreneurs, as nurturing client relationships is paramount. 

Customizing your approach, experience, and communication is an enjoyable way to ensure that you cater to each client’s unique needs. This means avoiding the tendency to send the same standard information to everyone. Instead, you personalize your interactions based on the specific details you pick up from their initial inquiry contact form. 

This allows you to save time while delivering a tailored experience. It’s an effective way to demonstrate that you value your clients and are committed to meeting their individual requirements. Acknowledging their preferences and desires creates a connection that resonates with them and builds trust. So, take the time to truly understand your buyers and craft responses that show your dedication to serving them in the best possible way.

Final thoughts

Knowing the buyer types and customizing your approach to inquiries can significantly impact your business. If you’re interested in diving deeper into this topic and learning how to not only generate inquiries but also convert them into paying clients and increase your pricing based on the experience you provide, consider checking out my Inquiry to Income course.

Additionally, I offer various free resources that can assist you in improving your inquiry management. These resources are available here! I hope the insights shared in this post have been valuable in shaping your mindset toward handling inquiries and tailoring your responses based on the buyer’s type!

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