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Create an Abundant Money Mindset

Mindset is a big part of how you deal with money and let it affect your life. So here we talk about how to create an abundant money mindset with Alexandra Taketa!

Alexandra Taketa is an abundance and money mentor to women leaders and entrepreneurs, a highly sought-after keynote speaker, coach and author. She founded her company with one mission: to help women become abundant, wealthy and empowered.

Alexandra teaches visionary women leaders and entrepreneurs to remove money blocks, get unstuck and next level their business success through a powerful and practical combination  of money mindset and abundance planning. This method has helped thousands of women to dramatically elevate and expand the flow of prosperity and abundance. Bonus, it also expands fulfillment, happiness and impact.

Her work has served thousands of women across the world and has been featured in Thrive Global, MindBodyGreen, Daily Zen, Modern Luxury, Elephant Journal and more. Alexandra is a powerhouse of wisdom – you will fall in love with her contagious laugh,  smile and positivity.  – She is fiercely committed to breaking through abundance blocks that keep powerful women stuck and doesn’t hold back!

She works to wake women up to their true abundance and how incredibly powerful they already are… so they can harness the power of money, live wildly abundant lives and make the impact they were born to create!

Finding Healing in 2020

2020 was a crazy year for everyone! It affected so many different parts of our lives, and forced us to make shifts in our lives. After 2020, it is key to really step back and examine our financial lives. What’s serving us? What’s not serving us? 

Mindset also needs to be recognized as a key piece of our financial lives. And this ties into healing! Alexandra shares that part of healing should mean getting clear and claiming what we desire and not play it down. We need to allow ourselves to be completely unapologetic with what we are wanting in life. 

It may be necessary to heal our relationship with money, and healing begins with awareness. Where are you holding yourself back? What do you want money for, and what is the impact it will make?

What mindset shifts do you want to make? Do you need to raise your prices, make a phone call, etc.? What can you do differently? 

Alexandra encourages that it’s safe to claim what you want and get in alignment with it, so you can go and get it. Put your goals out there and make yourself accountable. This creates a dynamic that it’s okay to want it. Tell yourself, “I can claim it, it can be mine, I deserve it.”

The Scarcity Mindset

People often think that having abundance is about being happier, and solving your problems. This gives the power to money and you don’t want that!

Alexandra teaches women how to harness the power of money and not let it have control over you. Nothing on the outside can fix your problems, you first need to fix the inside. So this is why you need to get into the abundance mindset and get grateful for what you do have. There are so many instances of abundance that you should be aware of, and have an expectation of more coming. 

It’s key to step into embodying this mindset, and a wealthy woman role. To believe in this different version of yourself and embrace it. 

Practices for an Abundance Mindset

Alexandra recommends guided meditations to help you with your abundance mindset and spend time on this each day. The meditations that Alexandra created are more like activations: elevating you and leading you to a new level of energy. They help to release you of negative thoughts and put you in a positive space. 

Scripting is another practice that Alexandra recommends. This involves writing out your desires and your reality. Get specific with everything you are feeling and what you are wanting. What are you excited about? How do you feel about these goals? This will help to build your momentum and work towards that healthy mindset with money!

Final Thoughts

Having a healthy relationship with money will make a huge difference in your life, not just your financial life, but your relationships with family and friends, your work life, and more. To create an abundant money mindset will heal this relationship you have with money and let you break through those barriers that may be holding you back!
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