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Stand out in a Saturated Market

Photography is a very saturated market, and it can often be difficult to make yourself stand ouat among the crowd. So to see success in the industry, you have to find ways to make yourself unique and bring in that interest and attention. Here are 2 ways to stand out in a saturated market!

How to Stand Out in a Saturated Market

There are really 2 things that can set you apart from anyone in the industry: your brand voice and the client experience you provide. If you are TRUE TO YOURSELF in these 2 things and not trying to be anybody else, then you- my friend, will truly stand out and it will set you apart from others.

I know many of us feel that we’re in a saturated market, and let’s be honest, so many people are becoming photographers now. WHICH IS SO AWESOME because there’s plenty of work for all of us to go around! 

But that also makes it much easier to shift into the scarcity mindset and fall victim to thinking that we are not good enough, or find ourselves comparing to other people… which I know we’re only human, but this is absolutely NOT the goal.

The goal should always be to have an abundant mindset, not only in this industry but in life. 

Again, I know it’s easier said than done some days. But when you can be confident in yourself + knowing that these 2 things are truly and 100% YOURS and not based off anyone else – then you can have confidence that you will stand out.

Your Brand Voice

First, let’s talk about your brand voice – what is it? How do you find it? How do you make sure it’s being portrayed?

Your brand voice is a combination of your entire brand – think of your visual branding, your values, your mission statement or your why, your purpose, your personality, the way you talk, the way you dress, the way you communicate and connect with others, the way you show up online and in person… your brand voice is a combination of EVERYTHING you + your brand have to offer. 

NO ONE ELSE can take these things away from you. If you stay true to yourself it will make sense with you, your style, your personality, and your brand voice and no one can take that away from you..and if anyone does it just won’t make sense for them + their brand. 

So how do you find your brand voice? 

Well this might not be the quick answer you want – but it takes time. Unless you are one of the lucky ones who just KNOWS who you are from the start, it takes time to figure these things out. 

My suggestion would be to sit down and ask yourself these questions:

What is my why or mission statement?

Meaning what is the reasoning behind your business and why you do what you do… spoiler, it’s not just because you love taking photos… that will most definitely not allow you to stand out.  Think much deeper.. Think of stories that have gotten you to where you’re at, what

How do you make sure it’s being portrayed?

Basically anytime you do anything – make sure it makes sense and aligns with your brand. If you are being true to yourself + your brand voice, then this should come pretty naturally! There are a few specific tips to help this though:

  • Make sure you’re using the same fonts + font colors when you’re showing up online
  • Be sure you use words online that you actually say in person, and the other way around – make sure you don’t use words online that you would never say in person. It’s not going to make sense to people if it doesn’t match your brand voice and people will be confused 
  • Think about the things you talk about or are passionate about – both within the photography industry and outside. Think, does this align with my entire brand? Do I want this to be a part of my brand? Usually if you’re super passionate about something, it’s a part of your values or mission statement and will align with your brand naturally anyways.

Your Client Experience

The experience you provide your clients directly relates to you, your personality, your brand, and the way you serve people. Just taking good photos is not enough these days. You need to have the client experience to back it up, help you stand out and serve your clients. I believe in this SO much and believe it is the one thing that completely changed my business and helped me grow so quick.

Which is why I made a course on this topic called the Client Connection Course because it matters!

But some of my favorite quick ways to elevate your client experience are through your email communication + templates you use, the guides you provide, and the questionnaires you send to your clients to help best craft their experience with you. 

THIS is the secret sauce to creating a customized experience which is what I love to do for my clients. This is also where you can set yourself apart. 

I feel like people are always asking and so focused on how to attract your ideal clients, when in reality, you should be focused on the clients you already have! And by utilizing the guides, questionnaires, and templates bundle I’ve created, I can help form my existing clients into my ideal clients by educating them and guiding them through the process..

Remember – we are the professionals, not them. It’s our job to educate + guide them throughout their experience with you. So by having these all set in place within your workflow, it elevates your brand, positions you as the expert that you are, helps create a great experience, creates raving referrals, and essentially will lead to more income!

Final Thoughts

Your brand voice and the client experience you provide are both very vital to ensuring you stand out from the crowd. If these aren’t two things you have in your business and feel like you’re blending in in a saturated market, then I suggest it’s time to get your brand voice down + elevate your client experience!!

I promise you that once you can figure out these two things – you will sky rocket. The reason more people don’t already have this down is because IT’S FREAKIN HARD!! It’s not easy and not something you can just do or figure out overnight.

Want some help with this? Be sure to check out my Client Experience Bundle here
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