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How to Dominate the Wedding Industry FAST

Wondering how to dominate the wedding industry and do it quickly? Here are my 3 tips to grow your business FAST!

3 Steps to Dominate the Wedding Industry Fast

There is no right or wrong way to do things in your business. It’s all about growing with change, because as an entrepreneur change is your one constant! You will always deal with change, but the biggest thing is how well are you adapting to the change? How are you standing out and making yourself unique? 

Being able to adapt and make changes is key to growing your business. There’s a lot that goes into dominating in the wedding industry, but I want to give you my 3 biggest tips!

Tip #1: Networking

Networking truly helps you make connections and that is so important for your business! This is something that is so key to doing early on, because making connections is something that can really expand your business. This means people in and out of your industry. 

For example, being a wedding photographer, you should also network with wedding bakers, wedding ring jewelers, etc. Or as an adventure photographer, having connections with a backpack brand. Because having these connections and relationships with people in and out of your industry can lead to more opportunities and potential clients. 

This also means connecting with your clients to grow a relationship with them, to where they would want to recommend you to their family and friends. While doing a wedding, you don’t know who may be watching you and may potentially be interested in booking you. So making sure you are always open to making connections in every situation is key to leading to more job opportunities!

Another part of networking involves some investing. Invest in masterminds so you can connect with other highly-motivated business owners. This can lead to SO many opportunities for you, and is 100% worth all of the investment!

An action step for you is to look in and out of your industry and find out who you want to work with. Who can make a change in your business? Then you need to take the time to get to know them, and show your support and love. 

Then, create opportunities for yourself! They are not going to come to you, you have to make them happen. So find ways to put yourself out there, because people are not seeking you out as often as you think. Even years into a business, you should still network! This makes you much more likely to dominate the wedding industry!

Tip #2: Connect & Serve

Client experience is SO key to dominating the wedding industry fast! And this all depends on how you connect with your clients and how you serve your clients. You can never start too early on improving your client experience. This is something you can start right away and always improve on! Even if you’re already well-established, you can improve on the experience you provide to your clients. 

Find more ways that you can streamline in your business to improve your client experience and you will see a huge shift! I definitely did! After I proritized my client experience, I had more work, clients were willing to pay more, I received more referrals, had more of my ideal clients, and was able to hire on a team. I also did all of this while relocating! So making this a priority in your business is something that can really make a change. 

The way that you connect with clients and the way you serve are two different things. The way you connect is how you show up everyday, showcasing your brand and who you are. This is how you find out who you vibe with and who you want to work with. Serving is everything in your workflow and how you show up for your clients. It’s how you love and serve them, your posing, and every interaction you have with them. Both connecting and serving are key aspects of your business!

An action step you can take is to write down how you connect with your potential clients and audience. How are you doing that? Can you improve on it? 

Tip #3: Consistency

Consistency needs to be something that is a priority in your business. This means creating a consistent plan of action and always being sure to show up. This lets potential clients and current clients know that you will continue to show up and provide what you’re promising. 

It can be hard to show up daily, but it’s possible! It’s much easier to do batch work, so that you can get a lot done at one time. There may be days where you aren’t feeling creative and don’t want to put out new content, but on the days you are feeling creative, do as much batch work as you can! 

Find one thing that you can always be consistent with. This can be a daily Instagram post or showing up in your stories, a new blog post every Friday, posting a new Reel, etc. Whatever it is it should be something that you stick with and keep it consistent! Then your audience will begin to identify it with you and your brand, and even start to look forward to it. 

Consistency plays a huge role, even on the tasks that your audience may not see. For example, spending Mondays working on SEO or spending Wednesdays sending out an email to your subscribers. Having that consistency behind-the-scenes is important also!


This will start your experience with your clients with trust and they will be aware of what you provide. So for an action step, spend some time thinking about how you will show up consistently and write them down!

Bonus Tip: Get Ahead of the Trends

Another way to dominate the wedding industry fast is to get ahead of the trends! It’s time to plan for seasons ahead with your content. You should look for ways to add to your niche, as well as find content that will fit different seasons ahead. For example, having halloween or fall content ready as soon as people are starting to talk about those seasons. Or finding audios that are trending and would fit with your niche. 

This all may give you the opportunity to be in front of more eyes, so staying up to date with trends and ahead of them is another way to stand out among the crowd!

Networking, connecting & serving, having consistency and staying ahead of trends all play a huge role in the growth of your business. So get started making some changes in your business and dominate the wedding industry!
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