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what to have on your about me page

What To Have On Your About Me Page

Feeling stuck on what to share to your clients about yourself? Here is what to have on your about me page to lead to more inquiries!

Whether you’re a photographer or any business owner, writing your website’s About Me page can be a daunting task. Many of us have experienced that moment of freezing up, staring at a blinking cursor, unsure of how to present ourselves without feeling uncomfortable or boastful. Today, in this simple guide, you’ll get a few simple steps that will make the process much easier.

1. Focus on your audience

When crafting your About Me page, the first key aspect to consider is focusing on your audience rather than solely on yourself. While this might seem counterintuitive, potential clients visit your website to assess if you are a good fit for them. In the photography industry, we often emphasize finding clients who align with our style and approach, but it’s essential to recognize that potential clients have initial control over their choices.

Given the vast array of photographers available, it’s important to appreciate the significance when someone reaches out to you. This means they have included you in their final list of considerations and top choices. However, from a client’s perspective, what matters most is understanding what they gain from hiring your services and how it benefits them.

To better connect with your audience, avoid the common mistake of making your About Me page solely about you. While the page title suggests it’s about you, you can easily reframe the content to shift the focus back to your clients. By doing so, you engage their natural curiosity and cater to their needs. Consider rephrasing portions of your copy to showcase how your photography services positively impact your clients, making it more compelling for them to choose you.

Prioritize client experience

Ensuring a positive client experience is vital for any business, and this principle extends to your About Me page as well. Your client experience encompasses every aspect of your business, including the content on your website. To make your About Me page more effective, shift the focus to your potential clients and address their needs and desires. Ask yourself two essential questions when crafting your About Me page: What will clients gain from working with you, and how will your services benefit them? By approaching the page with these questions in mind, you strike a balance between showcasing your skills and presenting the outcomes your clients can expect.

Emphasize how your services cater to your client’s needs and why you are the perfect fit for them. This approach will transform the overall perception of your website and services, making it clear that your primary goal is to serve your clients and meet their expectations.

2. Start with your elevator pitch and brand promise

One of the most effective ways to stand out on your About Me page is to begin with your elevator pitch and brand promise. Many photographers tend to follow a formulaic approach, starting with a standard introduction that includes their name, profession, and personal interests. While these details are relevant, find your unique voice and differentiate yourself from the crowd. To achieve this, dig within yourself and discover what truly sets you apart. Avoid merely seeking inspiration from others and instead stay within your lane. Start by crafting a compelling brand promise and an elevator pitch that reflects your core values, mission, and the value you bring to your clients.

The purpose of starting with your brand promise and elevator pitch is to establish an instant connection with potential clients. By showcasing how you can help them and what makes you stand out, you create a clear distinction that will resonate with the right audience. Keep in mind that it’s important to repel as much as you attract, ensuring that the clients you attract are an ideal fit for your services. The decision to work with you ultimately lies with your potential clients. They are seeking their ideal photographer just as much as you are seeking your ideal clients. Your online presence, particularly your website and About Me page, plays a significant role in shaping their perception of you.

In the top fold of your About Me page, place your elevator pitch and brand promise prominently. This way, visitors can quickly grasp your unique selling points and determine if you align with their needs and expectations. Crafting a compelling and client-centric About Me page will significantly contribute to attracting the right clients and building a strong connection with them.

3. Talk about the experience you provide

Moving on to the next point, an important aspect of your About Me page is to highlight the experience you provide. Potential clients visiting your page are eager to understand what it’s like to work with you. They want to assess if your services are a good fit for them and if the overall process will be enjoyable. Explaining the experience you offer might seem repetitive, especially if you already have an Experience page on your website. However, the key here is to tailor the verbiage to resonate with your client’s point of view. Focus on describing how they will feel throughout the process, what benefits they will gain, and how you will serve their unique needs.

You can even take sections from your Experience page and incorporate them into your About Me page. This simplifies the task for you and ensures that potential clients encounter this crucial information in multiple places. Repetition is beneficial in marketing because it helps clients absorb and remember essential details. Talking about the experience you provide on your About Me page is essential, regardless of whether you have a separate Experience page. By shifting the focus to how your services will serve and benefit your clients, you create a more client-centric narrative that resonates with your audience.

Don’t hesitate to showcase your client experience strategy on your About Me page. It’s a smart marketing approach that reinforces the message and enhances the overall client experience. People need to see and hear things multiple times before they fully connect with them. 

4. Have a section about you

Number four in creating your About Me page involves incorporating a section that focuses on you, the photographer, and your aspects. This section should come later on the page after you have addressed your audience’s needs and established your brand promise and elevator pitch. In the About You section, you can infuse your personality and values, explaining why you have the approach you do and the reasons behind your passion for photography. This part of the page should be intentional and aligned with your core brand values, as it serves the dual purpose of attracting your ideal clients and staying true to yourself.

Feel free to include fun facts and connection points, but remember that the main goal is to showcase your values and intentions. For instance, if faith plays a crucial role in your life, sharing this will help you connect with clients who share similar beliefs. Similarly, if travel fuels your creativity, it will resonate with clients seeking destination weddings or adventurous engagement sessions.

Contrast this with generic facts about your education or background, which may not resonate as strongly with your audience. Being intentional with your content means focusing on meaningful aspects of your life that can be used as powerful connection points. To ensure your About Me page is impactful, begin by jotting down your brand words, values, and mission statement. This exercise will clarify your brand’s direction, allowing you to use these elements deliberately to connect with your audience. Avoid filling gaps with irrelevant information; instead, focus on making every word serve a purpose, be it a selling point or a connection point.

Identify what needs improvement

Conduct a quick audit of your current About Me page to identify opportunities for improvement. Consider whether you can incorporate more core values and brand mission elements to enhance the connection with potential clients. Remember, being intentional with your content can make a significant difference in how well your About Me page resonates with your audience. Crafting an effective About Me page goes beyond sharing basic facts; it’s about aligning your values with your client’s needs and creating meaningful connections. So, take the time to ensure your content serves a purpose and leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

5. Call to action

Ending your About Me page with a clear and compelling call to action is crucial for driving conversions and guiding visitors to take the next step in your sales funnel. Avoid the common mistake of simply displaying your Instagram portfolio or encouraging visitors to follow you on social media. Instead, remember that the primary goal of your website is to engage visitors and lead them to your contact form, ultimately converting them into potential clients.

To achieve this, have a distinct call to action that encourages visitors to book with you. This should direct them to your contact page, where they can easily fill out the contact form. Your contact page should be readily accessible, preferably no more than two to three clicks away from your About Me page. Make the process simple and intuitive, ensuring visitors don’t have to go on a hunt to find it. 

It’s crucial to have a clear understanding of your buyer’s journey and sales funnel. Knowing the steps you want to take potential clients through will help you design an efficient and effective website. The About Me page plays a significant role in this process by establishing a connection with your audience through personal values and connection points. By the time visitors reach your contact page, they should feel genuinely connected to you, making them more likely to fill out the form.

Bonus: Incorporating video element

As a bonus tip, consider incorporating video elements into your About Me page and throughout your website. Video content has a powerful impact, allowing visitors to see you in action, witness your services, and connect with you on a deeper level. Even behind-the-scenes video clips filmed with your smartphone can create a strong connection with your audience. 

Final Thoughts: What to Have on Your About Me Page

In summary, the key elements to include on your About Me page are as follows:

  1. Make it client-centric, focusing on what you can offer them.
  2. Start with your elevator pitch and brand promise.
  3. Highlight the experience you provide to clients.
  4. Include a section about yourself, but ensure it aligns with your brand values and serves as a connection point.
  5. End with a clear call to action, directing visitors to your contact page for booking.

By implementing these tips and incorporating video content, you can create an engaging and effective About Me page that drives meaningful connections with potential clients and enhances your overall website experience.

A well-crafted About Me page is an important step in guiding visitors through your sales funnel and converting them into loyal customers. Now, go take action on what you’ve learned. Audit your About Me page, identify areas for improvement, and be intentional with your content. Don’t waste valuable space!

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