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4 Ways to Grow Your Online Business

Looking to expand your business but not sure how to do it? Here are 4 ways to grow your online business that you can start today!

Growing an online business is NEVER easy! Even when you think you’re taking all the necessary steps to expanding it, you could still be missing something. 

As entrepreneurs, we are always getting torn in a million directions of what we should be doing. New platforms that come up, new algorithms we have to navigate, or new systems we have to learn and implement.. I mean, Entrepreneurship is a never ending circle of learning and growing and that, my friends, is the true beauty of it. 

So I want to share with you  my 4 strategies to grow your business that you can start implementing today!

Figure Out Your Niche and Your Brand

Both your niche and your brand go hand in hand, and they are so important for growing your business! Once you know your branding, who you are, who and what you serve, and HOW you serve it, you can identify your visual branding and branding story. 

After you have your branding down, it’s time to niche down. The more specific you can get in your niche the better. This can be challenging because you may just want to help the masses, but the more specific you can get in what you have to offer the more you will be successful and known for who you are and what you do.

If  you don’t have a set niche, people won’t really know HOW you can serve them or what they should come to you for. So the saying goes, “The riches are in the niches.” Find your branding and niche, and make both very clear!

Get Consistent With Social Media

Once you have both your visual branding and your brand story figured out, make sure you are leveraging that and embedding it into your social media strategy. Your online presence MATTERS. How you are showing up online and in person matters, but more people will see you online. So come up with a consistent game plan to help you stay relevant on social media. 

Find your 1-2 social media platforms you love and CRUSH THEM. Don’t spread yourself too thin across all platforms, but instead find which ones you love and work best for you and give them your all. Once you are ready to scale your team then you can look into outsourcing help for other platforms, but consistency is key here. Make sure you give yourself the bandwidth to put your full effort into which ones are moving the needle in your business. 

Batch working is your best friend. Take a morning to brainstorm all the ideas you’d like to do, write them in a google doc, and pick a day to knock them all out so you’re set with posts or whatever for the month or however long you want to plan for. Make your online presence a priority!

Grow Your Email List

To grow your online business, another KEY way to do so is through growing your email list. You need those subscribers that have an interest in you and what you do that you can grow relationships with. Here are a few things to consider for growing your email subscribers.

Pick a platform to use

Find a platform that works for your price range and what you hope to do with your email marketing. But don’t get too caught up picking in the beginning, lists are super easy to export to another platform if you decide to switch! I have switched my platform 4 times now and have finally settled with Convertkit, which works perfect for what I want to do. 

Create a lead magnet for your audience

If you’re anything like me, you love a good freebie! When you create a freebie or lead magnet for your audience to help serve them, you are asking for their email in exchange for your educational content. This is HUGE! Having an awesome freebie will help you warm your audience up to what you have to offer them, and will allow them to start trusting in what you are teaching them. 

Create weekly content

Come up with weekly content that you can send to your list to help nurture them. You want to stay engaged with your list, and this means keeping consistent content going out. This content can be education, a sneak peek BTS with you, a day in the life, or a link to your current content. 

Deliver them goodies & treat them like a VIP

I always send any exciting news or offers to my email list before anywhere else. You want them to feel like they’re getting the VIP treatment from you and what you have to offer. So be sure to share with them whatever new & exciting things you have going on!

Invest in Yourself And Your Education

I’ve always made education such a priority. The amount of education I’ve invested in is a little  bit crazy, but I’ve always been passionate about it and is the reason I was able to grow so much in my business! Whether it’s online education or in person, it can help better you as a person or business owner!

Take a look at yourself and your business. Where are your weaknesses? Who can help you elevate those weaknesses in your business? Find someone you can connect with or know you can benefit from in your business by finding experts in the area of your weakness. This is what will elevate your business and help you make those necessary changes!

You have to spend money to make money, and you also should always be pushing to educate yourself further as an entrepreneur. So investing your money into education is completely worth it!

Final Thoughts

Those are my quick 4 ways to help grow your business. Now I know that SO much more goes into each of these steps, but I believe if you take a deeper dive into each of these areas, it can help scale your business and set you up for success!

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